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pulled codes on 1990 legacy. HELP. 4 codes

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i finally figured out that i was pulling the codes wrong on my subaru. this time i disconnected the memory wire and plugged in the black connectors that are beside the green ones. i was suprised to be given 4 different codes.


24-Air control valve or circuit (exc. Justy); Idle speed control solenoid valve (Justy)

31-Throttle position sensor or circuit

35-Canister purge solenoid or circuit

49-Airflow sensor


dont know if these are codes that were stored or if they are the active problems. I replaced the TPS from a 92 legacy donor car. i removed the idle air control valve and cleaned and tried to run the car several times and had forgot to plug it up. Could be why its showing that code. seems like i also tried to run the car with the TPS not plugged up. No clue what the canister purge solenoid is, and i replaced the airflow sensor with that from the 92 donor car, and the sensor was perfectly clean and looked fine. any way to reset the computer to make sure these codes arent just from my stupid mistakes? i tried leaving the car unplugged for a good 2 days and that still didnt reset it.

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