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WTB: I need your stock parts!


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Hey guys, I am most likely deciding to return my car to stock for trade in, that is unless someone buys my car as is. I am looking for some stock parts and would like to keep it localish.


I am looking for:

Stock suspension- struts, springs and top hats.

Stock 5eat downpipe

Stock vf40


I may add to this list.

Thanks guys!



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Hey guys sorry I havnt gotten back to a couple of you, I did end up finding my stock suspension so i will no longer be needing it. Thanks for your offers though. As for trading parts, no i blew out my coilovers and needed a temporary replacement. The rest of the stock parts are if i decide to put my car back to stock to sell it.


Derkahn- There is a length difference between the auto and manual downpipes.

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