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Anyone else have any track days planned in the next month or 2?


So far I'm signed up for Infineon 11/20/10 with Trackmasters Racing ($225), and Laguna Seca 11/28/10 with NCRC ($190). If anyone wants to come for a ride along at either of those tracks, or just wants to come hang out and check out kool cars, feel free to let me know.

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I just got an email from Trackmasters saying that there will be 7 sessions at the Infineon event next weekend 11/20! That's over 2 hours of track time, and only for $225. Lots of slots open still, gotta register before 11/16 or the price goes up to $275.


That also includes and auto-x course run by PCA supposedly, so it should be a day full of car fun.


Might have to bring a spare set of tires for this day xD

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I was at Thunderhill yesterday; got in 3 hours of track time (6x 30 minute sessions). With temperates in the 50's I had no cooling issues, and the car ran strong all day. I also completely finished off a set of front brake pads, literally down to the backing on the inner pads. All in all a rather great day :)


It did drizzle off and on for my final two sessions, but the grip reduction was mostly minor.


I say "mostly" because for some reason T1 became disproportionately more slippery than the rest of the track. So much so that it caught me by surprise and I almost slide off while tracking out of it. I can't remember exactly how I slowed down without losing it. I probably have EBD to thank :redface:


I wasn't the only one surprised by how slippery T1 got. That same session a coworker did a full 360 in T1 in his Elise. He did stay on track and actually drove out of it semi-smoothly.


There was one casualty though. Early in the day, before the drizzling started, an STI went into the inside wall coming out of T15. Some body damage, bent suspension bits, and probably a bent wheel. It looked repairable, but it wasn't drivable.

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