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Two Local Legacys in Top Scoob


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Good GOD!!! It looks like a newer version of Ken's (now former) car!!


And that's the nature of the Subaru crowd. Don't expect to be an individual. Limited factory color choices, overall lack of alternate appearance enhancements (w/out going all rice anyway). If you want to be distinctly unique, you've really got to build your own stuff, or paint your car or something like that.

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Oh if you've seen his car, I think the aura from it will be intimidating. The new LUCKY owner is one of my friend's brother. I invited him to come out to a Legacy meet sometime. I also have pics of him with his new car. The guy is happy as a clam... a damn lucky clam. :lol:
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This losing by one vote thing will be the death of me.

Maryland's Suby friendly Realtor. My favorite suby shop:


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