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2011 3.6R w/ new tint and clear bra......

Magic Marker

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So my new ritual, that began in 2008 w/ my new Impreza, I decided I wanted a clear bra on the entire front end since Subaru paint is known to be weak. As soon as the car was VIN'ed, I called up Lee Berbs to order the necessary material and since I was there, get the tint done. Oh and since I was already spending money, I went a few steps further.


As usual, Lee did a great job w/ attention to detail.


35% all the way around with Charcool by Madico.













2011 Volvo S60T6 & 2013 Volvo XC60T6 Polestar

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Now for part two. Clear bra done right by Lee using Xpel.


Parts completed....

Hood w/ bikini cut

Front fenders

Side view mirrors

Front bumper

Headlamps + Fogs

Mud Guard areas in all four corners since I don't intend on getting flaps

Door cups (keeping those finger nail scratches from forming)

Trunk bumper lip (for those accidents when you're loading up the trunk)


You can't see the film from afar and have to get pretty close to see any seams.


You can kind of see the seam on the hood.



Door Handle Cups. They were actually bigger then I thought. I figured they would just be little ovals, but they extend out pretty far.



Rear Mud Guard area. You can see how Lee custom cut the arch to mirror the shape of the car.


2011 Volvo S60T6 & 2013 Volvo XC60T6 Polestar

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Nice! Let me know when you want to come down for your swaybar fitment :)



Wayne Subaru just took off all the parts from my Impreza, so I'll have to come down before it snows. I remember you guys love to work on brand new cars since there is no rust or crap underneath!

2011 Volvo S60T6 & 2013 Volvo XC60T6 Polestar

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