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replace inner tie rods?


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Has anyone replaced the inner tie rods on a 4th gen? What's involved - is this a complex job?


I read somewhere that it's easier to replace both inner & outer at the same time since the two are nearly inseparable but that was a 3rd gen I think.


Do I need to replace the boot as well even if the current ones are OK?

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I guess not...


So I went ahead & did it, this is the next thing on my list of parts to replace while trying to fix that damn rattle in the front end.


This wasn't too difficult but is easier with two people, definitely. It needs the tie rod removal tool from the auto parts store too. Otherwise basic tools.


Things to get in advance -

new hose clamps or crimp clamps for inside edge of boot

tie rod removal tool rental

blue locktite for inner threads and/or replacement lock washer between rack & TR

lots of grease rags

new tie rod boots if others are torn

new cotter pins for outer TR castle nut.

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