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Stick with the Obsidian, or go WRB?


World Rally Blue or Obsidian?  

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  1. 1. World Rally Blue or Obsidian?

    • World Rally Blue baby!
    • Obsidian Black, the way it was.

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Alright guys. It turns out that between the deer that ran into the side of the car and the lady that rearended me, the only parts on the car that aren't being painted are the roof, and drivers side door. Everything else is being painted.


Should I give the guy some extra cash and have him paint the car WRB?(World Rally Blue), or should I just keep it black. The problem will be the motor, jambs, and trunk will still be black. I don't think it would look that bad, and it's only going to cost me <$500. What do you guys think? I know resale value will be completely demolished, but the car would look sweet...

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considering the resale value of your car is pretty much shot do the accident - then yeah, i'd go for the WRB.. Even more so if you are planning on holding on to the car for a while.

haha.. i just realized how old this thread was... I suppose it's kind of late for this comment now... D"OH.

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nah guys that was FOREVER ago! They ended up just fixing it and keeping it black. The car would have looked sick, but resale would have been difficult. Resale on the car isn't affected to much because of the accident. You would be suprised, a good 6 out of 10 cars in the area have been involved in accidents!

Plus, i'm into sleeper's...a WRB legacy wouldn't be very "sleeper" would it?

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