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Reverse squeal/whine when starting up and going backwards.

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I have a 2006 Legacy wagon, manual transmission that is a wonderful car. In the last month or so, I notice that whenever I move backwards, whether in reverse gear, coasting backwards down my driveway hill, or even when un-powered, and pushing the car backwards with my foot outside the driver's door (an experiment i conducted today), the car makes a whiny high pitched noise that is relatively loud... not a whisper, but loud enough to be heard by those around the car.


After backing out of the driveway, or coasting backwards down the driveway, or pushing the car backwards (as in that experiment) - where each time I hear the noise, I then shift into first and the noise disappears for the remainder of the drive.


The first thought I have is that a caliper is slightly stuck on the front passenger side wheel (it sounds like it is coming from that region), but why only in reverse (and not in forward gears), and if it was stuck, why can I still push the car backwards with my foot out the door on level ground?


Any ideas?


Thanks mucho!



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