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Subwoofer LOC/speaker level wiring question


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Ok so here we go.

1st I did search but didn't find a specific answer so I'm asking because I'm both newb and not...


I've done plentby of car audio but dont really understand or care to understand all of the uber-technical details... I can wire speakers, run lines, and do it correctly... here's what I'm trying to accomplish.


I have a 2 channel JL amp in the basement and a 10w0 that I want to put on the rear deck this weekend. I dont know if the amp has audio conversion or not so I'll cross the LOC river when I get there. I'm sure I can grab one from a local shop. Regardless of LOC or speaker level inputs I am looking for specifically WHICH wires to tap into for L/R audio signal. I've read use the doors (which kind of sucks, not really interested in tearing apart the door panels) but I've also read that there's a harness on the middle hump that has the speaker lines in it... which wires am I looking for and what channel/polarity do colors correspond to?


Halp a brutha out?

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This should help, but I would just grab one of the two rear speakers.




If I just grab 1 of the 2 I'll only have one chan though right? (L/R) Where am I 'grabbing' from? the B pillar?


SVX: sorry 05 LGT... thought it used to be there....:confused:

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OK, so I looked over the wiring diagrams (including the separate tables/diagrams listing harness locations), and it looks like there is no one place you can get both left and right speakers besides the 14-pin harness that plugs into the HU.


If you want an easy way to do that, you might like something like this:



In other news, "ilh" posted a link to pix of his 2005 "vacation" here awhile back.

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