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touch up paint


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so i have a few scratches (not fizble by meguiars scratch x or anythign like that) froms oem sitautions that weren't my fault and others that were :). i would like to buy some touch up paint, i know teh site is painscratch.com, but i am a bit unclear about how the whole process would work. i know they have automated ktis for you to buy, but does someone have a post with pictures showing the process done properly?



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There is a great article on paint touch up on www.premiumautocare.com. Its right on the front page at the top in the list of articles. That should help you out a bit.


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OC ur just saving my ass these past few days aren't u :)


as a side note, i walked into kmart today just wanting to pickup an airfresher, i found that they have created a great automotive section that has almost every brand of tire wax, spray wax, cleaner, shampoo, etc... and microfiber+teryr cloths as well. no more ordering online for me hehe

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