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Ride height adjustment


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Do I want to match my front coilover measurements so that they both have the same pre-load and same ride height adjustment or should I be setting the pre-load the same but adjusting the ride height to make sure the car has equal wheel gap?


If I set them to be the same measurements for ride height, it seems like one side is slightly lower than the other and the car is on a level surface..


Same thing in the back.. If ride height measurement on the coilovers is the same, one side has more wheel gap than the other side. (Pre-load is set the same on both sides)

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Totally NOT trying to be a smartass but are you driving around the block and driving both forward and backward? When I set my coils I have to move the car quite a bit and go both forward and back as well as over a bump to get it all to settle perfectly. My street is not totally level so I have to take multiple measurements... Its it not perfect but I went for same wheel gap in front and back with the front end more dampened than the back.


My way not the way, just a reflection on my personal experience with my KW2

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