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Wheel opinions, 2010 LGT


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I know this is redundant, but I didn't want to threadjack.


I have a 2010 LGT in (Azurite) Blue. I am looking at Rota SDR's or SDX's in Gray Steel or similar color (something in the gray/dark gray area). I know both the SDR's and SDX's are light (around 17 lbs) for 17x7.5.


Anyone know where I can see these in person? I have been looking for pictures from various angles, but cannot decide from just looking at pics.


How critical is offset? I want to run 225/50/17's. I think they make one with 53 offset, factory is 55?


What's with the lugs, do they just fall out, or do they have to be punched?


Has anyone dealt with JLBMotorsports? I know Subydude sells this brand but the website selection seems more limited. Prices are the same, $650/set at either site.

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