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In Soviet Russia, bottle drink you!!!


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In an attempt to convince drivers of the pitfalls of drunk driving, Russian authorities have commissioned a giant metal vodka bottle filled with the broken remains of crashed vehicles. The 40-foot tall structure will be located just off of a highway outside of Odintsovo in order to scare the living daylights out of educate those who may be interested in throwing a few back without a designated driver.


Once installed, the massive bottle was wrapped in the crushed remains of even more vehicles in order to create a more easily recognizable image. We've always wondered what you'd get if you took the time to distill Lada mash. Now we know. You can check out a slew of images of the bottle over at EnglishRussia, complete with burly half-naked Russian construction workers. We didn't say it'd be pretty.


If I pass you on the right, I'm flipping you off.
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