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Perrin CBE vs Cobb TBE vs Fujitsubo Legalis R


Which exhaust should I get?  

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  1. 1. Which exhaust should I get?

    • Cobb turbo back
    • Perrin turbo back
    • Fujitsubo Legalis R

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Hi everyone,


I am thinking about changing my exhaust and would like everyone's input on which exhaust to get? Do you have the exhaust on your car? What are your opinions on it? Any advantages or disadvantages of each one? Thanks in advance!

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I don't use different brands at the same time. They would not work together. I just have both CBE. The SPT is on the 5EAT, the Cobb is on the SpecB. I have used the SPT and the Cobb on the SpecB at different times. I hear no difference. Both fit about the same (after modding the bumper skin to avoid melting it to the Cobb tips). I still like the Cobb better and love the oval tips (like a Benz) instead of the round.
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I ran the Perrin Mid/Y with Stock cans and had zero fittment issues. What type of sound are you looking for and how loud do you want to go?


I'm not looking for too loud! Something deep and throaty that can accentuate the boxer engine! :icon_chee:icon_chee

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i have the Fujitsubo on mine, nice and quiet but mufflers tips are big! Quality bit of exhaust though, might sound louder with USDM headers



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