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Subaru shop/dealership in Phoenix area


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Hi all,


Could someone recommend a shop/dealership in the Phoenix area that can do a pre-purchase inspection of an Outback XT for me this weekend? I'm flying in from Houston Saturday morning to check out the car. It has 123K miles and the seller doesn't know if the timing belt has been changed. If the belt has not been changed, then I'm looking to have it changed on Saturday before driving it home.


Thanks in advance.



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I was going to say Forced Air Technologies but they are not open on Saturdays ... but you might want to give Robert a call anyway, 602-616-7001. They did all the work on my 05 legacy gt when I had it (Changing timing belt, clutch etc and performance mods).
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I got a recommendation to call up Robert at Forced Air Technologies (FAT) in Phoenix to see if he could help me out. They are normally closed on Saturdays, but he made the time to help out a stranger from out of town. He did a very thorough pre-purchase inspection (test drive, mechanicals, chassis, and body) of the car and gave me an honest evaluation of the car. The timing belt did need changing, so I had Robert and the crew at FAT work on that while I did the purchase paperwork with the dealer. They completed the job in a couple of hours and took care of some small fixes to insure an uneventful drive back to Texas.


Thanks to Robert, Barry, and the crew at Forced Air Technologies for helping me out with my purchase. I highly recommend them for your Subaru maintenance and upgrade needs and any forced induction needs.

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