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COBB Tuning Motorsports Victorious at Redline Time Attack Round 6!

COBB Tuning

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The COBB Tuning Motorsports Team once again proved the power of stock ECU tuning with the COBB Tuning AccessPORT by scoring two first place wins in class as well as an overall win in the Modified AWD class. Brian Lock rocketed the COBB Tuning Motorsports GT-R to a first place win in the Modified AWD Class during the Record Assault session putting the GT-R well ahead of his next nearest competitor by a full second with a 1:23.488 lap time, smashing through the Modified Class track record in the process.


Not to be outdone by his teammate, COBB Tuning Motorsports STI driver, Cameron Benner, quickly raced to the top of the standings during Saturday practice and held that position for the duration of the weekend. However, this was no run away victory as Steve Ruiz in the Stoptech EVOX nipped at his heals as the two fought for lead by tenths of a second. In the end, Cameron was able to grab the AWD Street Tire win with a 1:30.200 lap time.




Both cars were able to handily take their classes in the Super session as well, with Cameron besting several Modified class cars in the process. Brian Lock and the GT-R proved once again that the GT-R is a formidable opponent, especially in the hands of Lock who has spent the majority of his career banging doors in Grand Am Cup and USTCC touring car racing. Brian was able to jump into 2nd place behind the GST Motorsports Super Modified Impreza and hold his lead over 3rd place James Elterman in the Takata Time Attack/LIC Motorsports STI to the finish line.




For Cameron, the Super Session was incredibly exciting as he battled several Modified Class cars. Cameron was able to dispatch the Street Tire RWD 135 BMW of Mike Bonanni, who was suffering oiling issues, as well as the Modified Class 700hp front wheel drive class AFB Motoring Mini of Dez Ballard. Cameron and the mini drove an incredibly close race with the two swapping position several times. In the end, Cameron was able to pull the mini down the back straight on the penultimate lap and hold that lead to the checkered flag despite his 200whp disadvantage.




Despite some minor mechanical difficulties for the STI, ambient temperatures that reached over 105 degrees on race day and track temps that soared above 150 degrees, the cars performed flawlessly showing that solid preparation and a well-sorted car, as well as reliable horsepower thanks to the COBB Tuning AccessPORT, win races.


The team has a 2-month respite from Redline Time Attack and will use that time to repair, refit and do some testing. Look for the team to back on track in Sin City in September!

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