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JDM engine swap questions

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Vague questions will yield vague answers.


I think the CR's are different, heads will be more or less the same, sensors the same. Looms similar, except around 95-99, where USDM went OBD-II, but JDM lagged behind.


ECU's are tuned for 100 RON, which is what... 93-95 MON? Maybe less. Turbo looms obviously are different to N/A looms, but in some cases it's merely wiring for the Boost contol, and pressure select solenoids, and a few other things.


Engine bay wise, turbo's have different gearbox's, with push vs pull clutches, cable vs hydralic etc. The brake boosters are different i think too (turbo being bigger?) then there's the LHD/RHD thing. Also turbo crossmembers are different.

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