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Hear a sucking noise when under heavy acceleration? read this

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So last year I got a bigger turbo, I've had a hell of a time with the power train and warranty issues with this car, blown internals, all that good stuff.


I got it all straightened out, and then the turbo went due to metal bits in the turbo itself post-block replacement.


All that aside, I took the car to Agile Auto and had the engine re-tuned for the VF-52 09 WRX turbo I had put in... along with an 08 STi fuel pump, 770cc injectors and such.


I had the car tuned for a very aggressive 93 octane tune, dyno'd out at just about 305-310, 295 torque, etc etc etc...


On the way home the car fuel cut, bucked pretty hard and went into limp mode.


I brought the car back immediately and they 'universally dialed back all the settings' citing that the LGT has no individual gear modifyers in the ECU, that it's a blanket tune etc. When asked about the noise that sounded like a balloon being squeeked (blow up a balloon, pinch the opening and pull it apart... this is what it sounded like under heavy load in 3rd, 4th and 5th gear WOT) I was told it was the fuel pump.


Well the other day I finally found out that was untrue. If you are hearing a squeek, or a sucking sound under higher gears it could be a seal leak issue.


Specifically, the hose that connects to the exhaust of the TMIC for me, I was cleaning the engine bay, and unbolted the IC to clean around it. When I pulled off the IC, there was a black ring stuck to it. Looking closer to the black ring, it was the cap that fits on the end of the IC Exhaust hose, that goes under the worm clamp that holds the IC to the hose itself. It looked as if it were cut with a razor, straight across. The seal looks like the end of a t-shirt sleeve, it fits over the hose, and the IC snugs into it on the inside. the worm gear sits on the outside of the hose and clamps down.


I had to detach this entire hose off the engine block and mount it to the IC itself out of the engine, and then re-attach it to the engine, using the difficult but reachable inner worm gear to affix it.


I'm pretty pissed. But if anyone else is hearing something like this, it's most likely one of the silicone seals on this hose.


After fixing this leak, I took my car over to be dyno'd again and picked it up to about 315whp, 305 torque. I was very happy with the find, but very pissed off at the fact that I was basically given the runaround, again, instead of someone saying "I don't know" they made up a story about the fuel pump.


I'm surprised. Hill at Agile Automotive in Maryland came highly recommended. I've had nothing but issues from them in one way or another, including a 4 month stint in limp mode" until they were able to correct a tune I had a year and a half ago.

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Wow Bro, I m suprised to see your still in a Legacy. We bought our cars around the exact same time. we talked a little on here so I usually read your post to see how its working out for ya. Its never very good lol. I hope all the B.S is behind ya now....If not Im thinking of trading my legacy in on a 370Z ya ready to trade'em in yet lol?
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I lost my job so I can't afford to sell it at the moment, I'd end up losing more than I gained atm.


I love the legacy. I wish I had all the tools to do the work myself (in the past) because I probably would have never had the issues that I did, sans tuning problems.


That's what you get for letting someone else do the work for you, I guess. I'm 110% in favor of doing my own maintenance. I don't even trust the dealership to do it anymore. I was down at the parts department one day in Branford, CT at Quality Subaru, and watched one of the workers do the 60k inspection... it took him all of 15 minutes. Some of the stuff he didn't even double check the dipstick on. I always thought you took the ATF stick out, wiped it off, then dipped it back in to check the level. Nope.


If I didn't get laid off, I would have taken the car to the next level and done a transmission build or something. Not anymore. It's staying as is, 315whp, until it dies.


I've gone and entered it into a few rallies (like newenglandrally.com) 1500 mile ones... should be fun. Lemme know what you decide to do.

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