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I get a kick out of them. I had one of the older models, but when I learned that the RR can log the events, I was sold. I'll be able to do documented before / after scenarios, which I like, since my memory is poor :), and comparisons to other's cars using the same device.


As far as worth it, that's really your call. What I find fascinating, you may find a waste of $280 :)

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Matching dragstrip numbers doesn't bother me - I'll probably never take the car to the track anyway, and if I did, setting the rollout, pitch, etc. to get the best match seems like it would be a PITA.


My interest is to document baseline performance numbers for my stock car - for example, skidpad numbers with different tire pressurs, throttle rollons in every gear (hopefully with a range of weather conditions), coast down deceleration by tire / tire pressure and whatever else I can think of. Acceleration runs will be a part of my test set, but just for fun - I won't be consistent enough to make it worth while, and the clutch smells bad when I try it anyway.


Once I get the rear sway and uppipe, and eventually tires installed, I'll repeat the test set to see fairly concretely what these changes get me. I am an average driver, but as long as I am consistent in the way I drive, the before and after numbers I get will be relevant to just about anyone.


Plus I can stick it in my buddies Diablo so I can see how average - in the grand scheme of things - our GT is... :)


I've got some test cases written up, it's just a matter of finding a venue that has a fairly consistent surface. FWIW, I've measured .86 g lateral one day, .88 the following and 5.96 0-60 on a semi serious try, both in less than ideal conditions. Not bad, though I think the car pitches laterally and longitudinally than the 2 degrees that the Gtech is set to accomodate (this can be changed), which will make both of those readings a little optimistic...

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