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Hi All, I am a new guy into this hellaflush scene, and I would like to get more details of how to achieve this??


I see many of you guys post in the gallary section, the flush setting is HOT :wub: But I am not in the States, I wonder how I can order these rota wheels and how to roll and pull my fenders... I know I need coilovers setup to set negative camber?? and set it to quite hard for not getting it rub?? or Once I roll and pull my fender, it will not have much issue??


And by pulling my fender, what kind of tools I should look at? I been asking around here in HK and no body understand what pulling fenders is...


And every shops I went to told me it is impossible to do so, to put those wheels on the legacy, but I see it myself here in the forum!! I want it !


Sorry for many questions, but I really got hooked to this hellaflush settings!!

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