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GI UT: Stock mufflers


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Just got my Perrin axlebacks and installed them today. I'm going to drive around with them for a little bit and see how I like them over the long run (and to see if they pass the wifey test). If all goes well, i'll get rid of my stock mufflers since I don't really have a place to store them.


Anyone interested?

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I was going to do Perrin exhaust a few years ago before I bought my GReddy... I want to see pics!


For that, I refer you here:



GReddy sounds nice, and the quality is good, the cans just look like melon shooters to me (had the Evo2 on my car when I bought it).


Oh, and these mufflers are actually from Digi's 2006 spec.b, so they will give you an instant 30hp!

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