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Huge Audio lot for sale.I posted in classifieds put here also if anyone is interested


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Hey all, I have decided to sell my audio lot. I was going to put it in my legacy,but I am tired of messing with it. These are the items I am selling


1. Premiere Pioneer Dual din w/ Hands free blue tooth with mic,and is also ipod ready and comes with cable. Model is the FH-P800bt. I have everything needed to hook up.


2. Schoshe dual din mount kit.

3. Schoshe wire harness(for subaru 94 plus)

4. 6 alpine 6 1/2. They are the sps-170a. (1 not pictured at my parents house)

5. 4 05 legacy legacy speaker adapters(not pictured) they are also at my parents house. I can get them any time. Bought from crunchfield.


I am asking 600 with 25 shipping. No worry about pay pal fees. If its to high make me an offer,but please do not low ball me



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