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Need a mechanic between charleston and huntington wv


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Please someone of you have any info let me know


latest update IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


---- went to subaru today and the mechanic and parts manager decided to be assholes. Even though I gave them the check 2 weeks ago and they havent even ordered the block and i mentioned dropping in forged pistons or putting in a sti shortblock and he got more of an attitude and said to take the car somewhere else if I wanted to make a franken monster out and said that he hates dealing with kids and turbo cars... when I hand someone a check for $7000 and am bein respectful i definantly dont want to be called a kid ......


---- so im looking for a new mechanic and am open to ideas within my funding since the car is going to be down even longer

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Thank you just got off the phone with Nate and he is working on an estimate and see how much it will be to get the car to him since he is about 4 and a half hours away. If you have any ideas or additions i should do to the motor at this point feel free to let me know
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