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Newb here! some questions inside.

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hey guys, im in the market for a Outback and i just had a couple questions.


i searched the forum before hand and found out that the bugeye WRX suspension fits on this chassis? im just confirming that it does. also what brand coilover do most of you guys prefer? or do you guys use springs?


coming from the VIP world, im trying to get this low but cleanly.


thanks guys.

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agh i hear this from every forum.... it all depends on what you want to do in the long run. If you want to have legacy with mad power get coilovers and some wider wheels. Why buy everything twice! this isn't a swap meet! lol get what you need for your final goals not everyone else's. If you aren't planning power go with a setup around what fwa2500 said but get what YOU need.
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