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Stupid lawn companies - watch out for sprayers

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Well they were spreading lawn chemicals at my apartment complex...no big deal...until they get the lawn fertilizer guys to come out and spray that green stuff all over the edge of the roads and parking lots to try and grow more grass. So spray grass ended up all over the rear of my car.


My wife and I jumped into action and washed and waxed the car before it even had a chance to dry on the finish. Gotta watch out for stupid stuff like that. Car ends up looking better than it did before it got sprayed but I really wasn't in the mood to do any car cleaning today. The spray grass/fertilizer came off pretty easy and it didn't leave any marks in the paint. Just watch out because a lot of places are probably gearing up for spring fertilizing, spraying, seeding, etc. so your car is going to be under attack.


Car needed a wash anyways...my truck got hit pretty bad but the layer of mud protected it...I might even have a lawn growing on my tailgate by the end of the week. LOL The Mustang got hit but we had just washed and waxed it yesterday so a little QD spray took it right off.

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