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M3's are pretty kool!

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So I got to ride in this M3 that's all set up for Road America today! Friggin sweet! Got 2 rides around the course showing the driver the layout. Mighty nice machine. I must own one some day. SMG, shorter final drive, fulll exhaust, suspension, brake upgrades, and more I'm missing! Crikey that baby was set up!
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oh, an E46... no roll cage?? Some of the fully-prepped E46s are fun to watch and ride in. You should ride in a lighter car, like a fully prepped E36 running 285 wide tires.. now THAT'S SWEET.




Yep, like my friend's Lightweight, with Euro-spec motor, springs, etc. He runs SCCA, I forget what class, but real track racing, not auto-x, etc. He was 4 for 5 two years ago, before he hurt his back. That car is pretty crazy, though the red and blue checkerboard pattern isn't exactly subtle...



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