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tire balancing


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just picked up a new set of 18's for my lgt.and i noticed 2 things:

1. car starts making a funny wind noise at 60kms(like an airplane noise taking off). goes away at 70kms.


2. car starts shaking at 90-100kms and gradually goes away after 120kms.


I assume the balancing of the wheels are off but just incase it is anything else, i thought i run it by you experts out there. I will be taking it out to have them reblanced again tomorrow.

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got it rebalanced today and the car is not shaking anymore. However, i still hear bit of a noise between 60kms-80kms especially on deceleration. It's not coming from the engine as i know the sound is from the tires. Sounds like a slight whistling noise.
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