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'05-'07 Legacy GT AVO Fiberglass Grille Install

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In this thread I will document how to install the AVO Fiberglass Sports Grille on the 2005-2007 Legacy GT. This will involve removing the old grille, assembling the AVO grille, and installing it onto the car.


Tools Required

Flat-head screwdriver

10mm nut driver or socket/ratchet

Needle-nose pliers

Wire cutters


Parts Included

Fiberglass Grille Frame (Qty. 1)

Wire, 40mm Long (Qty. 1)



Before tackling this project take a moment to read the instructions and understand the process. If you are not comfortable with all the steps required it is suggested that you have a qualified body shop perform the install to guarantee the best possible fit and finish.



1. Park the car on a level surface and engage the parking brake. Open the hood and allow the engine to cool.



2. Using the 10mm driver, remove the bolts that secure grille to the bumper. The pop-it clips can be removed easily with the screwdriver.



3. Locate the four tabs that secure the grille to the upper radiator support. Use the screwdriver to depress the tab that holds each clip to the grille.



4. Remove the clips from the radiator support. They will not be used with the AVO grille.


4. Remove the grille by sliding it towards the front of the car. Be careful not to tilt the grille forward with force because it may damage the plastic fingers on the grille that hold it snug to the bumper.


5. Dry fit the AVO fiberglass frame to the bumper and secure using either the bolts or pop-it clips. Enlarge the holes with a drill or rotary tool if necessary. If there is a gap on the bottom of the grille you can shim the bumper by adding material between the foam absorber and the bumper skin.


At this point you can have the grille prepped and painted or go straight to assembly.



6. To assemble the grille place the frame upside-down on a clean surface. Lay the mesh across the back and make sure the pattern is even the whole way across.



7. Secure each end of the grill using a short length of wire.



8. With the two ends secured you can now work your way towards the middle, trimming excess material as you go but leaving a small border around the frame.


9. Install the grille with the bolts and pop-it clips.


10. Lower the hood gently and make sure there is no interference to the grille.



11. Admire your new AVO Fiberglass Sports Grille! (and wash the car! http://forum.fredbeansparts.net/images/smilies/icon_e_biggrin.gif)

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I know this was posted well over 5 years ago, but by the chance you're still around I'd like to thank you for posting this and it still being up. Thanks to this post I had the confidence to buy a grille on Ebay and give my 2007 Outback a facelift. It was even easier for me as I had four pop-it clips, instead of two pop-its and two bolts, so I only needed the screwdriver in the end. Talk about an easy job! So huge thanks to you, very much appreciated.
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