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What wires for HVAC?


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Hello, I have tried to search as much as I can before i posted but Ive been working 16 hours and dont have much time to search. I recently installed my old headunit in the cubby hole of the dash and my HVAC isn't working. I read the other post but that is for the JDM HVAC. Also all i did was unplug my radio harness not the HVAC why would that cause the hvac to stop working or does it get power from that connector? if so what wires do I have to splice to make it work? Thanks I haven't really seen this question asked on here.
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Yes, on Legacy/Outback with the single- or dual-zone automatic climate controls, the HU and A/C controls are all one integrated unit.


You'll need to connect Ground, +12V Accessory, +12V Battery (constant), Illumination, and Dimmer (Illumination -). Basically, everything except the speakers and antenna power control wire.


See this pin-out: http://ae64.com/Legacy-pinout.htm

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