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Local Vendor AJW Performance - Thoughts....


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I had the pleasure of meeting Andrew of AJW Performance this weekend at the Kang cruise. I would definitely recommend AJW.


At one of the stops on the cruise I approached Andrew's silver GT and was met by his wonderful and bubbly girlfriend. She took a lot of interest in my ride, she was very attentive and to top it off, I could tell she was genuine. First impressions count in my opinion and I remember thinking, "If this is how Andrew's girlfriend is, I could only imagine what a guy he must be." Turns out I was right.


Andrew is the new kid on the block sort of speak and sadly, we often see new kids come and go. From talking to the both of them, I could tell Andrew and his girlfriend (Mirella? or something? I'm bad with names I'm sorry) truly love what they are doing and I hope we all can help them be successful. I think they are doing what they can do to bring good quality/low cost options to the community while growing their business to be more robust and able to provide even more value to our market. Look at the Gimmick catback for example or the amazing deal on ISC coilovers... even his pricing on BC. Lets not forget, he's young and he's just starting out!


Andrew is constantly available and active on the forums, he does whatever he can to attract business (make the cruises, has business cards, displays his products on his own ride etc.). I'm looking forward to seeing AJW succeed.


Anyways, I hope some of you read this and consider AJW for your next purchase. Plus, he's local!!!



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