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Loud noise after Bilstein/Cobb Install


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So I just finished installing Bilstein HD's with Cobb Springs, and the fronts are riding like butter. No problems at all.


The rears however, are making a hellacious noise EVERY TIME THEY MOVE. Whether it's a quick dip in the road, a normal turn, bump, whatever. It seems like there is something grinding somewhere, but I can't seem to pinpoint it.


Possible solutions:


1. Tried tightening the top bolts. Drivers side was tight, passenger side was a little loose. Tightened it up, still making noise...maybe more noise now.


2. Spring seats are too hard? Bilsteins come with metal rear seats and the spring has to be compressed to fit on top correctly.


3. Springs upside down? I doubt it, but I could be an idiot and installed them wrong. I used the best orientation based on the perches.


I've looked and searched and looked again but I can't figure it out. The car doesn't ride badly, just makes a TON of noise. Any suggestions?

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Do you have an aftermarket rear sway bar?


Could be the sway hitting the Y-pipe

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I do...it's a Cobb.


But I figured it out. The bolts inside the strut weren't tightened down enough. I had to buy some pass-through sockets and a long hex wrench to tighten them. Once I was done, no more noise! Now I have to figure out the endlinks...they still make a racket.

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At least you bought something you'll use again.


Word. I wish I could've bought the entire set that was $129. I'm gonna be looking to update my tools in the near future. My current tools were great for my old RS, but since Subaru changed some hardware, it's time to upgrade.

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