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Escort Radar Detector Remote Flush Mount 5EAT

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First off...OMFG this was soo much harder than the 5MT. That stupid 5EAT takes up so much room. So with this one.. ADVANCED USERS ONLY, for serious.




1. Remove silver trim around gate by using a wide, thin screwdriver covered by a cloth. Be very careful, everything around you scratches easily.


2. Use screw driver again to remove the shifter trim. Not the gate, it stays there for now.


3. Now remove the gate trim. It has four clips along at the corners, In pic 1 the clip is undone from it's home. But that is where it is. Be careful, there is a light and it's wire in this trim piece.


4. Undo the wire by twisting it and pulling out. It has a light on the end. Don't break it. see pic 2. pic 3 is a general pic of the gate trim kinda in place.


5. Now we start to see some problems we didn't have with the 5MT. First off, look at pic 4, the underside of the shifter trim. No little lip to screw into. Also, the piece of rubber you see in pic 5 is there so that you don't see bare guts in the gate when you move the shifter. well, we can't have that moving into our smart cord guts. Also, the gate trim has a hard piece of plastic for that rubber to move under and it poses a clearence issue, see pic 6.







(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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6. As before, start off sticking the sticker where you want it on top and trace it and the big hole. Remove the sticker and mark the other two holes. Drill.


7. Now I kept shaving down the smart cord housing and dry fitting it untill it fit under the hard plastic flap of the gate trim. see pic 1


8. I also shaved away part of the underside of the shifter trim and the top of the gate trim to get every extra milimeter I could. see pics 2 and 3


9. After I was satified it would fit, I dry fitted everything with the smart cord guts in place. I had to cut so much of the housing away that the wire now comes out the side instead of the bottom of the housing.


10. Epoxy in place. Be sure you like where it is, cause now it's permanent. see pics 4,5 6



gotta finish this write up later







(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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ok, it later, now I can finish


9. Let Expoxy set. I used 4 minute epoxy gel, so after about 25 min I went back to work.


10. Test fit and pray. see pic 1


11. I hot glued the wires to the bottom of the trim piece so they're out of the way due to the extra crap in there for the auto tranny. see pic 2


12. Re-install the gate trim. It's really tricky getting it back in. The shift interlock thingy doesn't like to go back in it's home. Just keep playing with it and eventually it will drop back in. Make sure you test to make sure the shift interlock bypass stick a screw driver in the hole thingy still works.


13. re-install the shifter trim and pray you got all your clearences right.


14. re-install silver trim


15. clean and apply sticker


16. ALL DONE!! YAY!!! see pic 3




pic 4 is the actual detector all mounted up



Added this line for searchability: Passport Escort Radar Detector X50 Remote Smart Cord Install Hardwire





(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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too much work. I have my remote display in the ashtray. tapped the cigarette lighter from behind. Drilled a hole in the back of the plastic part of the ashtray and passed the wires through. hidden unless I open the ashtray and just in the right spot for me to hit the mute button when my hand is on the shifter. just need to extend my pointer finger. nice work though. very professional looking install.
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