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swirlies and whatnot

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i never got to wash my car over the winter because it was always so shitty outside. now thats its summe,r i can do it myself (with the proper materials like wool cloths and terry towels) but i have swirlies all over my car from the wash places (i'm guessing thats where they are from). how do you get them off and restore the finish? professional buffering?



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The usual process for detailing the exterior of a car is this:






Sealant and/or Wax


For swirl removal, try something like SSR1, SSR2, or SSR3. I have never had a problem with using one of those products for swirls.


Some materials that you will need for this can include:



Tire/Wheel Brush


Microfiber Towels

Terry Cloths

Waffle Weave Microfiber Towels

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I've got some really light swirls and marks on my paint that I am going to try SSR2 and SSR1 on in a couple weeks. I've never used any of the Poorboy's SSRs before and I'm looking forward to seeing how they work. Everybody I have talked to raves about them.


Swirl removal is incredibly difficult to do without a Porter Cable, so that would be a good first tool to invest in. Legacy paint is really soft and you are going to spend a lot of time polishing swirls out if you are the type that notices them. www.OCDetails.com is meant to be a resource for people who have questions like this one. I'm almost done with an article that will cover how to handle basic car care with products purchased off the shelf. There is a more advanced article already on the site with good product suggestions you can order online as well as techniques to use.


“Cleanliness becomes more important as godliness becomes more unlikely.”

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