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LB Grand Prix - Drifting! - Pick - Tickets


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OMG!@!! I went to Long beach for the Grand Prix to see the drifting exhibition. Sitting in the stands during the race before ( trans ams ) and when it was finished the stands started getting more crowded .. you could hear people saying 'start the drifting' ..


And then it did :D .. holy SHIT!! that was the coolest evAr! 3 Drivers from Japan and various othe drivers. One handed drifts while waving at teh cR0wD :lol: omg!


Older people behind us laughing their asses off saying "why haven't they ever had this before!!" the crowd response was amazing.


I can't make it tomorrow, so I have 2 tickets for Saturday, $32- for the pair. Gate price is $35/each. I'm in Fullerton. Let me know if you want to pick them up.









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i really don't see what's so great about drifting
have you seen it in real life? .. it's amazing how much control these guys have sliding around at high speeds. it would make you laugh at least. there wasn't one person in the stands without a huge smile on their face during the exhibition.
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I favor drifting on snow, ice, dirt, gravel or sand because the car is not abused as much compared to drifting on tarmac, which destroys the tires, stresses the diffs, axle and chassis. Drifting on these loose surfaces happens in a more natural setting and emnates the feel of a machine taming nature, compared to the very controlled world of tarmac drifting.
I keed I keeed
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