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Just a little preview.... (DIY Painted Lip)


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Since the weather is so nice I spent a couple days painting up my lip and threw it on for a quick peak. Should have it on for good by the weekend.


Grey Primer $6

Paintscratch.com BSM spray $34

Duplicolor Clear coat $6


Oh, It's a D2 lip BTW. I was one of the 'lucky' ones that got mine. Had to do some fiberglass patching to fix the cracks from shipping.


Update: Finished wet sanding, waxing, and mounted the lip. Took a couple quick pics. The sad thing is my paint on the lip looks much better, up close, than my bumper's beat paint. :lol:






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The cracks could have been worse, but I think my fiberglass bandages may be the strongest part of the lip now. I am pretty afraid it will shatter at some point. That's mainly the reason I painted it myself.


I'll keep the lip on until God says otherwise.

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Surprisingly this thing lasted three years. At the end of the winter we got dumped on with snow. I was maybe in a rally spirit and was going too quick in the deep, heavy, wet stuff. Didn't notice that it had ripped off at first. Went to go find it and it looked like it had been run over a few time.


Purchased a JNA polyurethane lip to replace it. Just go it back from paint and will be mounting today.


If you are wondering why I didn't go DIY with the paint again, its because of the chips. Since I couldn't replicate the flex agent in the paint, I was left with millions of chips. It doesn't help that I live in Michigan and they dump thousands of pounds of salt and dirt on the roads every winter.


Anyways, new pics coming soon....

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Here it is. The paint came out great, but I'm not the biggest fan of the JNA lip. It sags a bit in the middle (hard to tell from this picture) and there are some open gaps in the center portion as well, similar to the guys that mod the WRX lip to fit.


Hopefully once it gets warmer and its locked into a position, some of the shape will come back.



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