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Question for those with Factory Ipod interface

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Can anyone tell me if the Ipod can be controlled manually when plugged into the Subaru factory Ipod interface? I'd like to install one, but want to maintain use of the ipod. Yes - I already use the aux input, but I want a non-amplified line-out, less cords and clutter in my center console, etc. I searched quite a bit, but couldn't find the answer to this question. The subaru Tech article doesn't mention it either. Thanks!
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I've got the ipod interface on my wife's 2008 Impreza (I assuming its the same).


When you connect the ipod it displays a big Subaru logo on the ipod screen and the controls are locked out. The only way to manipulate the ipod is through the radio controls.


This is for an ipod nano, I have no experience with an iphone.


Also, you will need an extra adapter for the newest generation of ipods to charge via ipod adapter.

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