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Acura TSX sport wagon

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I am a huge fan of the 05-09 Legacys. However the new one in my books has gone a little mature and porky. Now, I have heard about a new Acura that's scheduled to be released shortly.


Reminds me of the older style Legacys:


I LOVE my car to death. I am a huge Subaru fan, but I am also a wagon fenatic. If they imported the RS4 Avant to north america, I would also like to have one of those! Seeing the way Subaru is going with the wagon market I may (sadly) have to take a gander at one of these Acura's. I personally think it looks quite sharp. In all honesty the only thing keeping me away from this is the "potential" lack of AWD. If Acura slaps that into their package...watch out.



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