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Has anyone heard of Siping their tires? supposedly it helps with traction and keeps the tires cooler. There is a local chain here in oregon where I can have all of my tires 'Siped' for about $30. Since I am running the often maligned RE92's and won't be changing them until they wear out (at which point I get new 18x8 rims and tires, a concession made by the wife).


Thoughts? I am pretty sure it couldn't hurt... anyone have any experience with this?


link to chain- or is this just wasted $30? also it says 'softer ride' I assume that means to bumps and such...



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Guest *Jedimaster*
cutting little 90 degree lines in them....

Ah, I see- if this is for winter, why not just get studs put in the RE92's?

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