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Grinding Noise


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Upon starting my car and letting it idle i'll hear a high pitch squel/grinding noise that goes away once the clutch is pressed. The noise seems to be located under the TMIC, so transmission region. My clutch fluid is fine but upon checking my tran. fluid last night i noticed i was low, like holy shit thats low, low. Also, when i push the clutch in i hear a very slight and low whirling sound.


Unfortunately i believe i may have let this one go longer then i should have due to thinking it was a loose belt that needed the tension adjusted.


Anyone have any idea what it could be or how bad?


Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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Replaced all the fluids last night (redline) and sure enough the squeling noise was still there.


I should add that the clutch was replaced at a dealership about 20k miles ago. I would assume they replaced the throwout bearing, seeing as how it and the pilot bearing comes with most setups, but who knows.


To add more detail concerning the noise. It is light under acceleration and heavy when idling. It usually stops when the clutch is pressed in, however, the clutch makes a pronounced whirling noise when pressed as well. The noise seems to occur more when the car is cold, and often goes in and out while driving.


I'll be looking into the throw out bearing this weekend (do i really have to drop the transaxel?) but would like to know what i would benefit from replacing along the way. Flywheel? Pilot Bearing? Seals? Gaskets? Sanity?


Thanks in advance for any input, it sure is appreciated!

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Mine does the same thing, had my clutch replaced 30k ago and my has started making the same noises i had before my T.O.B. was going out. (dealer said i would have blown the trans in about 100miles or so the T.O.B. was so bad.) didn't know about the TSK3 kit back then so had them do the stock replacement... Having my local tech to the TSK3 kit once he gets the free time
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I think I'm going the TSK3 route as well.


Just not sure if I want to tear into it myself or have it done. The car is parked until then.


Should i have the flywheel replaced as well?



Same boat again... I just had my clutch and TOB replaced about 30k miles ago and am questioning weather I need to replace the CLUTCH, FLYWHEEL, and PRESSURE PLATE along with TOB. (I know the TOB job is pretty much a 20min add on to the clutch job so i know i would save on labor in the long run, but I'm pressed for cash, and would like to just get the TOB done to fix my potential fatal problem)

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