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So I saw two LGTs last night...


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...one outside Richmond and one here in Charlottesville.


About 6:45PM, I saw a silver, debadged LGT on 288 North. We both exited on Broad, I heading for the Short Pump Mall and you seemingly further, in the direction of Glen Allen/Innsbrook.


Then at around 8:45PM, I had exited 64 at 118B, heading towards Barracks Road, and I saw somene enter 29/250/whatever it's called there. I passed you with an urgency as I was following an Acura who was flying. :rolleyes: It was really dark and rainy so I couldn't tell what color but it looked either white or silver. Bob maybe?


Are either of you here?



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Wasn't me, maybe it was the white one I saw at Buffalo Wild Wings a couple of weeks ago. Also, I just saw that someone in our building (Republic Plaza) bought a silver 2.5i (sedan) with a spoiler. Trying to figure out who it might be...
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