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sorry for the noob question


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Hey guys and girls!


I am a noob to this forum and to my car. Ive had intakes before and i searched around the forum but couldnt find a definitive answer to my question. I was wondering if I NEED to have a tune if i purchase an intake for my 06 spec b. I love the sound and want that back but wasn't planning on getting a tune right away.


Is not getting a tune something that will damage the car in any way or is it just something that is very beneficial?


Thanks everyone.

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Tony, a myriad of posts cover this but if you want to install an intake on a turbo car (particularly a car like ours where the maf is right there) you have to get a tune.


If you are not upgrading your turbo, and you install an intake, you are doing nothing for your car but making it harder to tune. The stock airbox IS a cold air intake. A stock CAI is good for a lot of whp.


If you put a CAI on your car and did not get a tune, take it off now. If you bought a CAI, put it on the shelf and forget about it till you tune.


EDIT: You should know that my LGT power mods are:


3" ERZ Downpipe

3" GMK Catback Exhaust

M2 Uppipe

Unequal Length Headers

RacerX Front Mount Intercooler:wub:

Infamous1 Stage 2+ Tune


...OEM AIRBOX!!! Thats right, I have an OEM airbox with my front mount intercooler.;) The guy who tunes me Infamous1 (whom has tuned more LGT than anyone else) told me not to bother with a CAI. I even have one.


Want to buy it?

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CAI offers no power increase until above stage 2 levels. Just a noise maker.


If you choose to install one without tuning for it your MAF will be improperly scaled. This in turn will cause your air fuel/ratio to be incorrect.


In my experience the SPT caused a rich condition. Using a Purolater replacement filter instead of an OEM caused a lean condition. Our cars are finicky.

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