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Is this a good deal?


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With 6k I think i would want a little more off than that. Its not really the miles, 6k is not that much by any means, but more the fact that you can get a new one with basically zero for not too much more.


Not sure on prices, but what does a brand new one go for?

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It seems high to me too. Would think, given that it's an "i" and not GT, and with that many miles you would be looking at mid-to-upper $23s. Do you want and "i"? Make them an offer at $23,800 and see where it goes. If they wag their head in the negative, thank them and head out the door. The 2006s are coming soon so you'll see other good deals coming too.



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Any reason you want to miss out on the GT? Offer them 26,000 or so for a brand new, low-no mileage GT Limited 5Eat. I wouldn't touch that other deal with a ten foot pole.


Below from Fitzmall.com


2005 Subaru Legacy http://www.fitzmall.com/carfind/ahm.gif


1-888-714-7493 Body: 2.5 GT LMT 5eat S

Color: Regal Blue Pear Stock #: S208880

Delivered Internet Price: $26,154

Factory Invoice: $28,082

MSRP: $30,270

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