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Another noob question. I was at the gas station today, finished fueling up, went to start my car, and let the key go a split second too early. It ALMOST started, for like 3 seconds it was firing on 1 cylinder, jerking and just sounding like death, lol. Anyway, turned the key again, and cranked it for a good like 7 seconds (long time if you count it out) with no SIGN of it wanting to start - just turning over as if it had no gas at all. Stopped, waited a few seconds looking around to make sure no-one else was watching me, lol, and tried again and it started INSTANTLY. I realize there is some simple explanation, but could someone explain why that might have happened? I'm an engineer, so I HAVE to know why things happen or they drive me mad, lol.


To make reading this worth your time, I am including a picture I discovered today that just gets funnier every time I look at it.



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