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7 weeks later... It finally Came


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Hey All-


I order my LGT back on 2/17 and it just came tonight. I am so excited. I already drove it 200 miles! Been reading this site in the meantime druling over everyone elses.


I got a SWP with black interior, and most options. Sweet Cars!

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I still have to wait - I ordered mine last week and have 4 weeks to go.


I too am on this sight to look at everyone else's.


But at least I know that mine is only just being built now, not sitting on a wharf somewhere. As it is coming from Japan, I guess I can live with the wait. Oh I am in Australia in case you wondered why I wasn't getting a local build.


Mind you I have my white MX5 to play with (that Miata for you) so I think I will be okay.

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