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1995 legacy wagon part out

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Hello I'm new here so hopefully I'm postin this in the right place I have a 95 legacy wagon that I'm parting out every thing must go and cheep

All money is going to my 97 LGT that I've owned for a week and been through 3 motors cuz of headgaskets but I love the car

But if anyone needs parts every thing from the wagon must go its blue with black and gray interor no rips in seats good tranny the only thing I'm keepin is the motor

For the Lgt or will whole trade car for a good 2.5 dohc.

Please by my stuff pm me or email requests to weaverautosport@yahoo.com

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hmmmm.... what abouts do you live... i have always needed a new door and trunk... but you would not have a truck lid for my leggy!! also a mirror and a left front fender...



manual or auto?



if you got it cheap i would be willing to buy:

front left fender

both front doors(maybe rear right too... gotta see how bad the rest is still)

right mirror

and i am in the market for tranny.. wanna swap to stick..but thats alot more stuff then...


if you do have the 5sp and decent looking doors and body i would be willing to maybe take the whole car without the engine and other stuff you need...


i live in the midwest....



can anyone tell me if the drive train and stuff for a wagon and sedan are that same.... like putting in stuff form an wagon(manual) into a 96 sedan(auto)


i know i would need to swap alot which is why im asking... diffs and cv shafts and that are different then what an auto has....but do they still bolt in.....

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the first one was blown..... the secound one was just really unlucky and the third was doa...


he just wants a legacygt... and he has an 06 wrx... that how much people still like out body style

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