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Install help needed: Westchester/Putnam county


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Hey guys,

well I've gotten myself in over my head with parts, but unfortunately with no one (I feel) thats knowledgeable enough to tackle the installs with me with confidence that we can do it correctly. Let me just say though, the group of my friends who do know there shit about cars are all willing to help, but I just think it'd be better in addition to them to have someone whos pretty well versed and experienced.


So let me start off with a little background, my leggy's been off the road since september 25th when my vf40 shit the bed due to banjo bolt failure after about a week of having a cobb ots stg 1 map loaded. Ever since Ive been slowly but surely picking up my stg 3 parts and have got just about everything together, doing endless hours of research along the way. I've managed to get some minor stuff done, such as my cai, sts, and my walbro w/ stock fp housing mod, but Im just a little too paranoid to jump into major components without some more guidance.


I've got a full shop with tools, welding torches, a lift, and pretty much any kind of automotive resource at my disposal. Not to mention plenty of elder muscle car heads (my dad inclueded lol) that are willing to help out in any way in addition to my friends, but like I said, I really just need a couple guys that have some real flat 4 dissection experience that want to come help out with the build.


So if anyones interested, shoot me a pm and I'll give you the info. I'd be happy to toss you some gas money if your coming from a distance, I just really need some guys that have some experience to help out.



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well my first challenge as of now is going to be hoisting the engine in order to drop the oil pan and inspect it for any metal bits from the blown vf40. we do have an engine hoist on call at the shop, but im not overly confident in going through the process myself. Im a little unclear on all the the steps
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thanks nemo, such a great thread, an extremely valuable wealth of info undoubtedly. I actually did come across it and managed to thumb through it somewhat a while back. But at the risk of sounding lazy, 40 pages to review is just a little too insurmountable at almost 10 at night after school and work since 6:30 in the morning and just getting home about a half hour ago... and the vicious cycle just restarts tomorrow morning:spin:


but, dont mean to go too far ot on my own thread. anyone around the area want to come helpout?:redface:

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