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brembo brake rotors??


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i was looking for stuff on ebay

and found bunch of brembo rotors for older legacy models

but i couldn't find any 05 legacy rotors

would brembo rotors help beside runnin cooler and looks cooL?

Perrin BIG maf intake

Perrin Turbo Inlet


Megan Racing header with UP (ceramic coated)


DMH E-cutout

Custom 3" catback


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If its just the rotors, not necessarily. Brembo makes brakes for lots of different car companies and sell rotors (replacements) that probably arent any better than any other.


If you get the entire kit with bigger rotors, more pistons in the calipers, brakeslines, etc...youll be able to tell a difference, but likely only if you take it to a track.


Bigger brakes with fancy slots, holes and directional vains help improve cooling, reducing fade. Some of the other things help actual stop a little quicker and give better feel but hey, why pay thousands of dollars for a race brake setup that you probably wont need.

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I saw this too, I bought drilled and slotted brembo rotors before from sportbrakes.com off ebay.. They worked nice.. dissipated the heat.


I've been trying to figure out which size will fit so i can pick up some brembo slotted rotors. they are only like $70 a pair. Does anyone know if the 04 legacy has the same size rotors?


-Tronix(or wrx?)GT

for more pics and info... http://angevine.org/legacy/legacy.html
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