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MS6 Chassis Picture

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Seemingly, searching is beyond me, as I've tried but cannot come up with a picture I saw here once.


The picture in question is one of the MazdaSpeed 6 chassis. I think a member had taken a pic of it at a car show. It showed the frame, engine and drivetrain, and not much else. Can anyone point me to it?


If search is used, can you please tell me the keywords so I can learn from my mistake?





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Am I the only one that thinks the way they have the TMIC set up is retarded?


yes and no.


I'm sure that its effectiveness is definetly much more limited by being set up that way.


Cosmetically speaking though, I feel that it looks much better this way than it would with a hoodscoop.


A front Mount would be much more ideal if they could have pulled it off.

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