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Thule rack measurements (sedan)


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Hey guys,


Just got my Thule roof rack mounted on my roof, now i've researched in the forum and most of the people with racks are wagons..


Anyone have the thule (square bars) rack on the roof of their sedan and experience a howling/whistling sound above 45+ mph?


Now - (i have a faring thats not on yet) but i feel like the noise should not be as loud as it is.


What measurements did you use from the windshield to the front foot of the rack? and from the mid of the front bar to the mid of the rear bar.


I did what the directions said and did 8 1/2" in the front and 24" from bar to bar..


Somethings i've read online said if you move the front bar back a bit it could decrease the whistle sound.. Before i unlock and loosen the rack i just wanted to double check with everyone else to be sure that they have used the same measurements and The sound is normal with this rack..




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I have mine 8 inches back but in speaking with a few people the bars have inherent noise no matter where you pt them. Personally its not that bad unless your driving with the sunroof and the fairings should help a little
Infamous Tuned
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yes, the fairing should help, but not completely eliminate the noise. and you can always expect huge gusts of wind and noise with the sun roof open, nothing will get rid of that. mine is 9 inches back (not the same gen legacy), and there is always a slight whistle. nothing the radio cant fix
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