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2007 Engine problem?

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Hi all,


New on here and already have a problem!:eek: Me and the Mrs have just bought a 2007 Legacy Wagon 2.0l N/A and have just noticed 2 things wrong.


1st is the engine seems to hesitate under acceleration, however when you go full throttle the is no problem??


2nd is when engaging the clutch to pull off the is a loud squeek, abit like a slipping fan belt. When the Mrs took the car in for its warrent of fittness the guy at subaru said that it was a common fault with the flywheel???? That sounds weird to me??


Any help would be much appriciated as this is begining to become a headach :spin:



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i am not too definite about this but i think it might have something to do with the snout.

i'm not exactly sure what that is but i have been on some vendor sites and they sell snout repair kit. or there is another item some guys are buying. TSK3.

try checking out the transmission section of the forum

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